Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Importance Of Preserving Food

1. Food preservation gives many benefits to us.
a) The food will last longer
ù   With preservation processes, perishable products such as fruit and vegetables,     meat and fish can be kept for a long time.
    ù    Food can be marketed to far places overseas. This can increase income in the agricultural sector.

b) The food is easy to store and distribute
ù  Canned foods are much easier to store and distribute from one place to another compared to raw foods.    

c) Food wastage is reduced
ù   Excess food can be kept in a refrigerator for the next meal.
ù   Without preservation, perishable foods like vegetables and fruits cannot be eaten a few days after harvesting.

2. Food preservation is very important to fulfill the food supply needs in a country.
3. It ensures that food supply can be distributed to the people at all times.
4. Furthermore, problems like food shortage or famine can be avoided.
5.  Food preservation can help our nation’s economy by adding value to our export  products.



Dried foods can be stored in small container

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