Activity ( section A )
1.   Which food will rot the fastest if stored at room temperature?


2.      Patches of white growth are seen on cooked rice which is a few days old. What conditions cause the white growth on the rice?
A  hot and dry                                    B  cold and dry
C  cold and damp                                 D  warm and damp

3.    A piece of bread left on the table for a week can go bad because it is
A  left in the air.                                B   left for a long time.
C  stored in a hot and dry place.          D   infected with bacteria and fungi

4.    Which oh the following are characteristics of spoilt food?
I  Sour                  II  Mouldy surfaces                  III  Lighter in weight
A  II only                                           B  I and II only
C  II and III only                               D  I,II and III

5.    Sally’s Refrigerator is spoilt. How can she store the cuttlefish she just bought from the market for a long time?
A  Dry the cuttlefish.                        
B   Store the cuttlefish in a can.
C   Wrap the cuttlefish  in a plastic.  
D   Put the cuttlefish in hot water.  

6. Diagram  1 shows  away  of preserving food.

Diagram 1
           What is this way of preserving food known as?
           A   salting
           B    drying
           C   waxing
           D   smoking

7.  P  -  The can is closed tightly.
     Q -  Pineapple juice and sugar are added.
     R  - The can is heated to remove air.
     S  -  Pineapple cubes are placed in a can.

    The above statements are the steps in the canning of pineapples. Which of   the    following is the correct sequence? 
    A   Q,S,P,R 
    B   S,Q,P,R 
    C   S,Q,R,P 
    D   R,S,Q,P 

8.    Which of the following food can be preserved by waxing? 
    A  meat 
    B   nuts 
    C  milk 
    D  oranges

9. V  -  wash and rinse the fruit.
   W -  put the fruit into a concentrated sugar solution.
   X  -  cut the fruit into pieces.
   Y  -  mix the fruit with salt. 
   Z -  add some vinegar

  The above statements are steps in the pickling process. Which of the  following    
   is  the correct sequence? 
    A   X,V,Y,Z,W 
    B   X,Y,V,W,Z 
    C   V,X,Y,W,Z 
    D   Y,X,V,Z,W

10.     Diagram 2 shows some food that is preserved by pasteurisation.

diagram 2 
Bacteria cannot grow in this food because
A  there is no air.
B  there is no water.
C   the food is too salty.
D  they have been killed in this process.

Section B
Answer  the questions.

Diagram 1 shows an experiment conducted by a group of pupils.

X (cooked rice left exposed on table)
Y (cooked rice kept in fridge)

a )  Write one observation and one inference based on the condition of the rice on plate X and plate Y after a week.
      Observation : _____________________________________________
       Inference : ______________________________________________

b)  State another observation that can support your inference in (a).

c )  In this experiment, identify:
i.             What is changed.
ii.            What is observed.

iii.          What is kept the same.
d)      Another experiment is conducted by putting a plate a cooked rice in the sun. Mould growth is not seen on the rice after a week. Write a hypothesis that can be made based on this experiment.


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